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2000s kids, rejoice! There was a mini Lizzie McGuire reunion last night

Hey now, hey now, this is what dreeeeeaaams are made of…

ANY 2000s GIRL worth her salt will remember Lizzie McGuire fondly.

The show was held in high regard for highlighting the best of 2000s fashion and amazing hair accessories, as well as discussing real life teen girl issues:

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Hilary Duff, who played Lizzie, went on to have a fairly successful career in TV and music, but what of the rest of them? They’re still hanging around, as it turns out.

Hilary met up Jake Thomas (AKA Lizzie’s little brother, Matt) and Lalaine (Miranda) at a bowling alley last night:

sirjakethomas / Instagram

Jake and Lalaine are still acting, with the latter also branching out into the music business.

Jake is probably the best for keeping in touch with his McGuire co-stars though – here’s himself and Lalaine again with Ethan Craft (or Clayton Snyder, as his mammy probably calls him).

sirjakethomas / Instagram

And with his TV dad, Robert Carradine:

sirjakethomas / Instagram

We have just one question: Where is Gordo? What is he doing that isn’t as important as a full Lizzie McGuire reunion? ‘Sake.

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