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This musician will trade you his new album for a naked selfie

We shan’t be partaking.

A NAKED SELFIE in return for an album? Seems like a slightly unfair transaction. But that’s the only way fans can nab Danish musician Loke Rahbek’s new album.

Rahbek has released ‘The Wild Palm,’ his new album under his moniker Croation Amor. But instead of accepting, you know, money, Rahbek has decided that he will only share the album with fans who e-mail him a naked selfie with the album’s title written somewhere on their bodies.

As he explains on his record label’s website:

The Wild Palms is only obtainable through trade for a private, fully frontal nude self portrait. Send a nude to thewildpalms89@gmail.com together with your address and you will receive the album in the mail. To verify your self-portrait, we ask you to include the text “The Wild Palms” either written on your body or in some way present in your photo.

His rationale behind it? Combating piracy, duh.

He told Fact Mag:

When you share your work with someone, it can be like showing your own skin – you are stripping naked. So I ask that anyone who gets the music does not share it with anyone. And I promise in return to not share those photos with anyone. They are going to be in a file, and they are going to stay there.

Alright then.

The experiment will run until July 22nd and the number of albums released will be limited to the number of fans who share photos of themselves in the buff.

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