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This London shop must be owned by the greatest chancer to ever walk

Yes, it’s Tesos Express.

tesos Source: Twitter

A SHOP ACROSS the water in England is making international headlines today – as the world has just discovered its rather audacious name.

Yes, the small shop in South London calls itself Tesos Express.

And the branding looks familiar as well

kingston Source: Twitter

The shop has been going strong as Tesos Express for over a year now, but today The Evening Standard covered the questionable name change because of a rebrand – bringing it to everyone’s attention.

Queried as to what the real Tesco will think of this, an employee told the Standard:

It has been like this now for more than one year so I think we will be okay.

Legal experts have warned that the real Tesco might be getting in touch – and today’s worldwide coverage might not have helped.

It also turns out that Tesos Express is somewhat of a local cult hero of a shop:

“if you ever feel upset, remember there’s a shop near me called the Tesos express.”

chchch2 Source: Twitter

It seems like anyone who has walked past it has a comment to make

And the gags were quick to come

Our fondness in Ireland for calling it ‘Tescos’ would cause even more confusion.

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