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relationship goals

18 tweets that perfectly sum up long term relationships


WE KNOW THE feeling.

1. Try doing THIS with someone you just matched with on Tinder

2. Things have changed since the beginning

3. It’s time to realise the truth

4. Things get more literal

d4e Thehoya Thehoya

5. Humour becomes extra dangerous

6. But you still know how to behave

7. To cause minimum disruption…

8. Hey, relationships are great though, really…

9. You become one of two

Whether you like it or not.

10. Then there’s marriage

11. You have a personal scapegoat

12. And finally, an excuse

13. Someone to show that savage cat video to

14. And nobody asks you this question

15. But there are sacrifices

16. Things can get SO unromantic

200 Giphy Giphy

17. It’s all about dinner in the end

18. But in the end, we know there’s nothing like em

Even with the sacrifices.


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