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13 very Irish tweets about Love Actually
“The only man showing up at my door with a special message this Christmas is the TV licence guy.”

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RTE ONE’S MIDWEEK movie last night was the modern Christmas classic that is Love Actually – and the whole country was watching.

And we had many, many thoughts:

1. On its realism

2. The wedding was universally declared to be the worst ever

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3. It was missing key ingredients

4. And yer wan who cheated on Jamie was the worst

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5. Alan Rickman’s character was all over the place

6. As well as being the most unpopular man in Ireland for about 40 minutes

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7. But we, as a nation, could identify with some of the characters

8. We all love it, really

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9. Driving round half the country looking for the shift would cause a storm alright

10. And the President is DURT

11. And we all questioned how Jamie’s Portugese odyssey was so efficient

12. Every house in Ireland has an old Love Actually knocking around

13. And finally… this idea of diplomacy would be backed in Ireland by a referendum

Love actually is all around.

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