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Which fruit or veg does your penis resemble? These condoms need to know

Are you a cucumber, or a turnip.

A TAIWANESE STUDENT has come up with a new way to package condoms, after a study by the Indian Council of Medical Research found that 20 percent of condoms don’t work due to being a bad fit.

Love-Guide-Condoms-08 Source: Love Guide

The student, Guan-Hao Pan, came up with the Love Guide packaging system, and classes penis size using the traditional fruit and veg comparisons.

The idea is simple. The condoms will be carried in five different shapes and sizes, the courgette, carrot, turnip, banana, and cucumber.

All men have to do is give each package a squeeze and compare it to their little guy.

Love-Guide-Condoms-17 Source: Love Guide

Explaining the concept to Dezeen, Guan-Hao says:

A condom becomes less effective if it is the wrong size, worn on the wrong side, or its tip is not squeezed when worn. Each condom comes in a specially designed case with a rising tip, making it easy to remove the condom from the right side while squeezing the tip at the same time.

Love-Guide-Condoms_dezeen_784_6 Source: Love Guide

Well, that’s not going to make the condom trip any less awkward.

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