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The internet's best responses to Love/Hate season 4

From Tommy’s arse on Facebook to the Love/Hate cat on Twitter

*SPOILER ALERT! If you’re not up to speed, you might want to proceed with caution

SO, THIS EVENING marks the season finale of Love/Hate.

What will we do with our Sunday evenings from now on? How will we cope without our fix of Nidge in his undercrackers and Fran’s toothy grin?

Source: RTÉ

This series has really taken Irish telly watchers by storm, with expectations that one million people will tune in tonight.

It’s taken the internet by storm too.

Here are our favourite responses, from parody accounts, to shared images, to arses on Facebook…


Spotted outside a cafe in Waterford, and shared by @JoannaRyde.

Source: @JoannaRyde

The Love/Hate cat on Twitter

After the demise of the Love/Hate cat in the opening scenes of season four (RIP) it took on a persona of its own.

This Darren floormat

Artist Niall O’Loughlin shared his Dazzler creation on Twitter.

Source: @NiallOLoughlin

darren2 Source: RTÉ

Debbie and her dildo

Niall O’Loughlin was also quick to capture the essence of Debbie and her decoy Dildo.

Source: @NiallOLoughlin

The Keith Duffy effect

The Duffster showed up unecxpectedly in last week’s episode, and the internet responded.

Source: @Jim_Sheridan

Halloween costumes

When we issued a call for Ireland’s best Halloween costumes, and the Love/Hate fans delivered.

photo (14) Darren, back from the dead Source: Declan Lee

cleo Cleo, the Love/Hate cat Source: Mairead Kelly

The ‘Elmo is a rat’ pumpkin

Source: Corrina Stone

Nidge on Twitter

This parody account has almost 40,000 followers. Nidge loves his tweets so he does.

Source: journal-emer

Fizzy orange

In the first episode Tommy was GASPING for a fizzy orange. The internet responded.


Source: journal-emer

Tommy’s arse on Facebook

In the middle of the series Tommy’s arse came into its own when he flashed it at some girls. The Facebook page wasn’t far behind.


Source: Facebook

Head over to @DailyEdgeTV this evening for our livetweet and watchalong session. We’ll have the season finale recap tomorrow morning too. Coola boola. 

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