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The top 11 nuggets of wisdom from Love/Hate, ranked in order

Are you a ladybird… or a durtbuurrd?

IRELAND’S FOREMOST CRIME drama is back on our screens – and with it, our annual crop of eminently quotable Love/Hate-isms.

Let’s just say that the characters have a lot to teach us. So here, without further ado, is our ranking of the most succinct nuggets of wisdom from the Love/Hate cast.

11. “You’re going around like a grumpy dwarf.”

- Trish delivering one of the best gentle putdowns ever seen on screen, when Nidge isn’t too cheerful.

Source: RTE

10. “Guns N’ Roses. Mass is over, priest does his thing, holy water on the coffin… and BANG! Welcome To The Jungle.”

- Nidge on the importance of choosing the right song at a funeral.

Source: RTE

9. “After these, he could saw you in half and you’d still be laughing.”

- Darren explains that the drugs DO work, after giving Nidge some supplies to get him through an interview with the local ‘Ra boss.

Source: RTE

8. “I looked like bleedin’ Herman Munster’s ma.”

- Trish, on having the wrong haircut.

Source: RTE

7. “If you’re lucky I’ll bring you home and give you another lash.”

- Fran explains his unique approach to romance, following a tryst in an alleyway with Donna.

Source: RTE

6. “You could always do the Wayne Rooney. It only costs ten grand. All the celebrities have it.”

- Trish, on male hair loss. (Specifically, Nidge’s.)

Source: RTE

5. “It’s gas the way they come out naked and ya have to dress them an’ all isn’t it?”

- Nidge on the magic of fatherhood.

Source: RTE

4. “Sure if it wasn’t for me Nidge would be getting married near the Red Cow roundabout. They’d be having chips for their tea.”

- John Boy, on the glorious proceeds of crime.

Source: RTE

3. “If this is the way the country’s run, I dunno why I pay my tax at all”

- Upstanding citizen Fran explains his problem with the inefficiency of the state, after spending a night in jail.

Source: RTE

2. “Are you a ladybird… or a durtburrd?”

- Fran on romance (again).

Source: RTE

1. “Ireland is f***ed for the next ten years. You know that, don’t you? This is the only game you’ll make any money.”

- John Boy, on the economy.

Source: RTE

We know, we’ve left out your favourite one. Let us know your highlights in the comments!

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