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Here are some lovely Christmas memories as shared by you!

From heartwarming Santa sightings to farting at mass…

EARLIER THIS WEEK, we asked you to share with us some of your best Christmas memories, and boy did you deliver.

Today, to help spread the Christmas cheer, we’d like to share some of them with you.


…waking up Christmas morn to find all my presents had been opened by my bored older brothers who failed to wake me, I was 7.No, I still don’t forgive them.


Myself and my big sister were ripping open our Santa presents one morning when we heard a tinkle of a bell out the back garden! We both turned to look and we saw a little red light out the back. We legged it to the window and threw back the curtains, staring hard pressed up against the glass but couldn’t see anything.After about 30 seconds we went back to our presents and our Ma and Da told us to look out the back again….so we did, and behind the curtains were two bikes for us! They were NOT there 30 seconds before!!My Ma and Da now swear that they were there, but we were too excited too see them thinking we had seen Rudolph’s nose and heard Santa’s bell, but my sister and I, still to this day, know what we heard, what we saw and what was not behind the curtains the first time!

I believe (“,)

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Andrew Hickey

Taking 467 pins out of your new checked pyjamas.

Jed I. Knight

One year at midnight mass I was down the back and bursting for a fart. In such a small church there was no way I could let one go, so as I held it in the pressure just built and built.At one point in the proceedings the lights went off and someone lit a candle, everyone had one placed in front of them and the light was passed from one candle to the next. I saw my chance and figured I’d let out a ‘cushion creeper’.Not a prayer.

As the pressure released the sound echoing around that wee church was like an explosion, and the accompanying aroma was like something only those with experience in chemical warfare would ever expect to experience.

To make matters worse, as the lights came back on two gentlemen I hadn’t noticed behind me began to sing a hymn, coughing and spluttering throughout. The looks they gave me were very unchristian.

Afterwards my brother made a beeline for me somehow knowing that I was the one responsible. He never lets me forget that minor faux pas every Christmas and at family gatherings. The git.

Fiona Meehan Togher

I remember my dad collecting the turkey and leaving it in the hall while he went to get the rest of the shopping out of the car. He came back in to see our lovely dog tearing it to shreds. Mum was not impressed and we had a fry for Christmas dinner that year.

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Niamh Byrne

When I was a kid my Dad worked at sea and was only home every other Christmas. I missed him like mad all the time, but especially at Christmas, I hated him being away.We always got a telegram delivered on Christmas Day from my Dad, it was the only way he could tell us he loved us and a Happy Christmas…I’ve dirt in my eye thinking about it even now.

Louise Keon

My little sister was born on Christmas eve, so with Mammy in hospital all the duties were left to Dad. That Christmas we had presents that weren’t wrapped, (we had to ring mam to ask who was getting what), and there was burnt beef and lumpy mash for Christmas dinner…unforgettable!

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Merry Christmas

I really wanted a horse. Christmas Eve morning, what should be standing in the front garden, dining on the flower beds and looking in the window? A HORSE!I was 5 or 6 years old, and it was obvious to me that Santa had been forced to him off a day early, as such a large present wouldn’t fit in the sleigh along with everything else. I ran outside in my nightie, kissed my new pet and tried climbing onto his back… he was big!I was devistated when my dad came out and told me it wasn’t from Santa, that in fact my horse had escaped from the dairy across the road. I yelled and cried for some time when horsey went home. I got a beautiful doll house the next day though, which made up for the loss of the horse… well, almost.

Thank you for sharing your lovely memories with us! Happy Christmas!

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