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This guy's extremely low budget costumes are nothing short of inspiring

Never say “I don’t have a costume” again.

HAVE YOU DUCKED out of doing costumes on Halloween, because you didn’t have time to make one? Now you have no excuse.

This chap makes excellent movie character costumes out of things he just finds around the house – and has set up a Facebook page devoted to his creations.

Here are some of his most inspired pieces.

A simple jar of water can make you the Tasmanian Devil

tasmanian #แอดมินเช็ดขี้ #เอกรักจอย Source: Facebook/Lowcostcosplay

Ah yes, of course.

Mango jelly? Belle from Beauty and the Beast

ขนาดกำลังจะไปล้างห้องน้ำ ... Source: Facebook/Lowcostcosplay

We’d never have thought of it.

Oh my god, it’s Captain America

อเวนเจอร์ เอดส์ออฟคนบ้า #แอดมินเช็ดขี้ Source: Facebook/Lowcostcosplay

A fan, you guys. A fan.

A few spare computer mice makes The Terminator

TERMINATOR มั้ยละมึง #แอดมินเช็ดขี้ Source: FAcebook/Lowcostcosplay

Simple but genius.

And Cinderella’s glass slippers? Sure you can get them anywhere

รองเท้าแก้วคู่นี้ ท่านได้แต่ใดมา? Source: Facebook/Perathorn Pooksombat

Orange post-its transform you into The Thing from Fantastic Four

THE THING คิดหนัก... DEBIT: Tao ... Source: Facebook/Lowcostcosplay

Spider-Man is a simple matter of perception

ad_166865611 Source: Facebook/lowcostcosplay

And Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy is EASY

I AM GROOT #แอดมินเช็ดขี้ Source: Facebook/Lowcostcosplay


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