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14 outrageous selfies that prove selfies need to stop

Really, humanity. We’re better than this.

OK, HUMANITY. It’s time to talk about selfies.

They’ve gone too far and they need to stop.

14. Selfies are distracting humans from essential life tasks, like drinking water

Source: Imgur

13. We’re taking selfies with riot police

Source: Imgur

12. And using our laptops to take selfies in university lectures

Source: Imgur

11. This Aussie Rules footballer used a special extendable arm to take a selfie, while driving a car with his knees

10. We are even taking selfies with nana’s ashes.

Source: selfiesatseriousplaces

9. Geraldo Rivera has taken a half naked selfie. Geraldo Rivera.

Source: Geraldo Rivera

8. Still not convinced? How about this girl taking a selfie while her family are ALREADY TAKING PICTURES OF HER?

Source: Imgur

7. Or this guy’s terrified selfie while running with the bulls in Pamplona?

Source: Imgur via Reddit

6. OK. This has to end.

Source: Imgur

5. This selfie during an emergency landing?

4. This selfie getting pulled over by the police?

3. This guy’s selfie with his teacher having contractions in the background?

Source: Imgur

2. This selfie in the bathroom of a funeral home?

Source: Imgur

1. And finally, this selfie with a PLANE CRASH.

(Nobody was hurt, but still.)

The selfie must be stopped. LEND YOUR SUPPORT IN THE COMMENTS.

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