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# hairy situation
This Mad Man star's hair dye ad has been banned for being 'misleading'
It said Christina Hendricks had dyed her hair from bright red to blonde.
# End of an era
World Cups, Muhammad Ali and the Mets: the 5 best sports moments from Mad Men
The iconic TV show airs its final episode this weekend.
# buy the world a coke
How THAT iconic Coke ad only happened because of an Irish airport and bad weather
The ad from the Mad Men finale? Chalk it up to a long wait at Shannon.
# Quiz
Which Mad Men Character Should You Ride?
It’s all coming to an end, you need to honour these characters properly.
# Mad
Mad Men star Jon Hamm accused of violent fraternity hazing in college
A pledge to his fraternity claimed he was beaten, set on fire and led around the room by the genitals with a hammer.
# Flashback
End of an era: Everything you need to know before the final Mad Men episodes
The land of Don.
# Evolution
These modern ads are even more sexist than their 'Mad Man'-era counterparts
One promotion from 2008 actually offered men a trip to pick a Russian bride.
# the little wife
13 sexist ads from the Mad Men era
Mad Men’s final season begins tonight.
# Mad Men
Newbridge ad deemed too sexy (not the Ronan O'Gara one)
The advertisement was deemed ‘overtly sexual in nature’ and ‘provocative’ by the ASAI.
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We'll leave it there so: A sponsor for the Pro12, Páirc Uí Squeeze, and all today's sport
Don’t let Tomás Brady’s soul-piercing eyes put you off.
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Don Draper pitching LeBron's return to Cleveland is absolutely perfect
This device is not a spaceship. It’s a time machine…
# tv picks
What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday
Here are the shows that will be on your Twitter timeline later.
Column: How we lost our shame of being glued to the TV
The small screen, once home to has-been actors and low-budget dross, has been revolutionised, writes Dave Winterlich.
# breaking good
Inside the writers' room: Meet the Europeans bidding to create TV on a par with America's best
12 people are spending €4,500 each to take part in Europe’s first post-grad programme focused on writing and producing TV series. Could they create the next ‘Mad Men’ or ‘Breaking Bad’?
# Mad Money
Why 'Mad Men' Paid $250,000 To Use One Beatles Song
Quarter of a million dollars. For one song in one scene.
# Mad Man
13 lessons every GAA manager can learn from Don Draper
Shut the door, have a seat. These nuggets of wisdom may contain spoilers if you haven’t watched six seasons of Mad Men.
# The Real Don Drapers
These 17 simple ads are pure genius
Yes, they’re trying to sell us something – but at least they’re being creative about it.
# Mad Man
A young floppy-haired Jon Hamm fails to get the shift on 90s dating show
Did we mention the hair?
# Mad Men
6 nuggets of wisdom from 1980s Don Draper
They’re not A Team. They’re THE Team.
# cuckoo
Here is the Irish web series trying to take on Tom Hanks at major awards
They are are also up against the makers of Mad Men but need one million votes to be in with a chance of taking home the prize.
# Advertising
How Mad Men ads compare with ones that actually ran in the 1960s
Kodak, Lucky Strike, Right Guard… here are the ads that Don Draper and co came up with, and the ads that the companies actually ran.
# madsers
Mad Lads: What would Mad Men set in 1968 Ireland look like?
The schtyle.
# fool your friends
The Spoofer's Guide To Talking About TV Shows
Not caught up on The Wire, Breaking Bad, or Game Of Thrones? Not a problem – just read on. (No spoilers.)
# season 6
Really Mad Men: new pictures reveal lots of sour pusses for the new season
Season six is on the way next week. Here are some teasing photos.
# You go don draper
Tumblr of the Day: Mean Mad Men
Stop trying to make fetch happen.
# Clocks
Video: What do you think of the new Guinness ad?
This one cost €6.5m to make. Worth it?
# Emmys
'Mad Men', 'Downton Abbey' lead way in Emmy nominations
Mad Men’s 17 nominations give it the possibility of becoming the most honoured TV drama of all time.
# Mad Men
The Magnificent Seven: crazy sports fans
These seven individuals have one thing in common – they’re all somewhat bonkers.
Children of the '90s - there may be a Saved By The Bell reunion
Zach Morris, Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle and…Mr. Belding – imagine them all back on your HD screens.
VIDEO: Watch Jon Hamm give (good) advice to teenage girls
Need a straight answer on love and life? Why not ask Jon Hamm…
# Well read
The Sunday Papers: some of the week's best sportswriting
Take a load of and get the kettle on… here’s your morning sorted.
# Mad men admin
Catching up with Mad Men... through Post-it notes
If you don’t have Sky Atlantic, you’ll have a bit of a wait for it to come to RTÉ – so here’s a stationery-based reminder.
# In Numbers
Census and celsius: the week in statistics
How many of us are there in Ireland? How hot was it here last week? And how much is Will Ferrell’s next film going to make?
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Tuesday
All the biggest news stories from the day, as well as any of the bits and pieces you may have missed.
# Spot the Difference
Mad Men-style Falling into Dublin Bay of the Day
Looks like this guy had a slightly softer landing than Don Draper.
# Mad Men
Here's our favourite 11 Super Bowl ads of all time...
As well as the on-field action, the adverts are a staple of America’s biggest sporting night. We rewind the Sky Box on the best 11.
# Mad Men
The strange story of the Tongan winter Olympian who turned out to be a German marketing gimmick
It’s not quite Cool Runnings.
# Mad Men
Mad Men writers giving Irish masterclass
Scriptwriters being called to develop ideas for TV shows under eye of Cosby Show and Boston Legal veterans.
# Mad Men
Oops! The 11 worst goalkeeping errors ever
David De Gea is not the only goalkeeper to make the occasional blunder. Here are some prime examples of similarly disastrous mistakes.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Thursday
Tough jail sentences for looters, Republican election hopefuls gear up for debate in the US, €50,000 on urinals for men caught short in Dublin, and U2 featuring… Jedward?