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11 majestic dogs handling the wind way better than you

Stunning hounds. Not so stunning people.

IRELAND’S BEEN TAKING a fierce battering from the wind over the past few days.

Umbrellas have been abandoned in a rage, arses have been exposed by treacherous skirts, and wheelie bins have taken on a life of their own.

These dogs have been handling it way better than any of you…

1. Majestic dog

My dog, Hermione, enjoying the wind. She's 11 and she's my best friend. Source: Imgur


WINDY CHICAGO WEATHER Source: AP/Press Association Images

2. Majestic dog

My dog looking majestic as fuck Source: Imgur


Vatican Pope Source: AP/Press Association Images

3. Majestic dog

my dog enjoying some wind Source: Imgur


Horse Racing - 2013 Glorious Goodwood Festival - Opening Day - Goodwood Racecourse Source: Mike Egerton

4. Majestic dog

NGsUkX4 Source: Imgur


EU Italy Pope WWI Source: AP/Press Association Images

5. Majestic dog

Storm hits UK Source: Jeff Moore/EMPICS Entertainment


Winter weather Feb 12th Source: Jeff Moore/EMPICS Entertainment

6. Majestic dog

PEvLpT1 Source: Imgur


Vatican Pope Cardinals Source: AP/Press Association Images

7. Majestic dog

Blowing in the wind... Source: magical-world


China Poland Source: AP/Press Association Images

8. Majestic dog

My beagle on a very windy day at the beach Source: Imgur


WINDY WEATHER Source: AP/Press Association Images

9. Majestic dog

Wind in her ears Source: elisaself


The Safeway Picnic In The Park 2002 Source: SIMON MEAKER

10. Majestic dog

You look ridiculous Source: Elsie esq.


Windy Weather - Manchester Source: Eamonn and James Clarke/EMPICS Entertainment

11. Majestic dog

IMG_4876 Source: Christina Spicuzza


Fianna Fail commemoration Source: Julien Behal

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