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Malia and Sasha Obama were hilariously bored at this White House Thanksgiving event

“Daaaaaaad! Why are you making us DO THIS?”

ANYONE WHO HAS ever been a teenager (so, everyone) will know of the extreme boredom that accompanies most family gatherings.

You’re usually able to get away with a few scowls and eye-rolls here and there. Not if your dad is the President of the USA.

The annual ‘turkey pardon’ is a tradition at the White House which sees the President ensure that two turkeys will not end up as someone’s dinner on Thanksgiving. It’s a bit of a silly tradition, and this year the teenage Obama daughters were not afraid of showing that they were O-V-E-R it.

Those scowls.

malia and sasha

That half-hearted clapping.


Those near eye-rolls whenever their dad made an extremely dad-like joke.


Oh girls, we know the feeling.

Source: The White House/YouTube

What’s more, MSNBC reports that when asked if she would like to pet one of the pardoned turkeys, named ‘Cheese’, Malia (16) simply responded: “Nah.”

Teen angst. Is anybody safe from it?

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