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Outraged mother buys clothes shop's entire ‘indecent’ t-shirt display

Well, it’s A way to get rid of them.

WELL AT LEAST she’s putting her money where her mouth is. Utah mammy Judy Cox was so offended and upset by provocative t-shirts displayed in a PacSun shop, she decided to buy every last one of them.


According to KUTV, Cox was shopping in a local Orem shopping centre with her 18-year-old son when she spotted the risque window display. The t-shirt range ‘Visual’ contained scantily-clad women in ‘indecent’ poses, prompting Cox to go inside to complain. The store manager said it was out of their hands without approval from corporate office, which could possibly take days. Unacceptable to Cox, she bought the entire display. The haul included nineteen t-shirts in total and cost the livid mammy $567. The t-shirts are still available for sale online and Cox said she doesn’t have a problem with the sale, just the display.

pacsunny Source: Pacsun

Speaking to the Associated Press, Cox said

These shirts clearly cross a boundary that is continually being pushed on our children in images on the Internet, television and when our families shop in the mall.

She now plans to meet with a city attorney to discuss any potential violation of city code, as Orem is an ultraconservative Utah County and code prohibits anyone from putting explicit sexual material on display.


PacSun CEO Gary Schoenfeld said in a statement:

While customer feedback is important to us, we remain committed to the selection of brands and apparel available in our stores

Cox is glad she took the move to go up against corporate promotion of pornography, but will return the stock just before the 60-day return period is up.

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