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11 reasons why Mamma Mia is actually a perfect film

We will hear NOTHING against it.

YOU MIGHT HAVE heard that Mamma Mia, the delightful 2008 movie musical, is getting a sequel.

mamma-mia-poster Source: Wordpress

Universal has confirmed that the new film is called Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again and according to Variety, will have Abba songs not featured in the first movie as well as “some reprised favourites”:

Sources say one angle could focus on Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, and Pierce Brosnan’s characters years before the original takes place.

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Since the announcement, we’ve seen a lot of (terrible) people saying “Oh please, not another one.” Might we remind you that Mamma Mia is a beacon of joy and light in an increasingly dark world?

1. We’ll always watch it every time it’s on the telly, which is lots

3b9fb78c96985cc946d9e90d22c88776 Source: Pinterest

Somehow we’re always glad to see it, even though we have it on DVD and just watched half of it on ITV2 two weeks ago.

2. Would you look at that cast? Really look at it

cast mamma mia Source: Wikipedia

Two Oscar winners (Streep and Firth), one Oscar nominee (Walters), an Emmy winner (Queen Baranski) and Karen Smith (Seyfried). Quality.

3. It’s proof that Meryl Streep can do anything

Doubt movie image Meryl Streep as Sister Aloysius Source: Collider

In 2007, she did Lions for Lambs, a war drama directed by Robert Redford. In late 2008, she had Doubt, a period film that got her an Oscar nomination. Sandwiched between these two: An effervescent comedy set to the songs of Abba. Now that’s a true artiste.

4. Pierce Brosnan’s ‘singing’ is highly enjoyable

We don’t care what anyone says, SOS is amazing. WHEN YOU’RE GONE!

Source: SGT Ford/YouTube

No one gives Colin Firth any shit for his bleating during Our Last Summer. Leave Pierce alone! He is a national treasure.

5. So some of the plot doesn’t make sense. So what

tumblr_nmrqhu4Kiz1uq31tfo1_500 Source: Tumblr

For example, Sophie insisting her long-absent father give her away at her wedding, despite her mother raising her on her own. So harsh. And why don’t they just do a DNA test? Maybe that will be raised in the sequel.

6. It’s all about the songs

906873c157cbfa956452afe4ab8ae92e Source: Tumblr

Look us in the eyes and tell us you don’t want to belt along with Meryl and Julie and Christine during Dancing Queen. You’re lying.

8. If you don’t cry at the Slipping Through My Fingers bit, who even are you

Source: anicat/YouTube

Meryl Streep puts her whole heart into that goddamn song. We’re not even parents, but we’re pining for our non-existent children. That’s her power.

9. And the bit where Pierce proposes to Meryl

Source: fvts002/YouTube

The song is so silly. “How ’bout it Sheridan?” is so cheesy. But oh my god, of course they should get married at Sophie’s abandoned wedding. *sniffs*

10. But then feel renewed by the end credits, which are pure, unfiltered joy

tumblr_m79ixkzYiv1qcra4yo3_500 Source: Tumblr

Look at those ridiculous costumes. Oscar winner Colin Firth there, having the time of his life in metallic spandex.

11. Anyway, if you hate this film you have no soul

c21ca1f0a929f05a825434ee51455f0b Source: Pinterest

It’s sad, really. What did Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan singing the hits of Abba ever do to you?

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