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The 'Man Buns of Disneyland' Instagram account has everyone talking

Some of the photos are actually too adorable.

SOMETIMES, NOVELTY INSTAGRAM accounts catch the imagination of the people, and it’s hard to imagine why.

This week, the Man Buns of Disneyland account has blown up

manbundisneyland Source: Instagram

It’s probably the adorable nature of most of the photos, or just the fact that the setting is Disneyland that’s sees everyone talking about it

manbundisneyland2 Source: Instagram

It does feature some next level cuteness, combined with the man bun

manbundisneyland3 Source: Instagram

Given we investigated the prevalence of the man bun style with Irish lads recently, it would appear that it has caught on much harder Stateside.

But we really come to Man Buns of Disneyland for the sheer adorableness of it all

manbundisneyland4 Source: Instagram

And to look at man buns in a completely different light

manbundisneyland5 Source: Instagram

Out of their comfort zone of the cafe.

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