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The 'man plait' is the hottest hair trend for guys, but can it top the man bun?

Lads, we can’t keep up.

WITH THE MAN BUN trend reaching peak saturation, stylish men are grasping around for a new way to do their hair. And that new way is the plait.

Forget the manbun! I give you the manplait! Model by our Saturday assistant Ron! #manplait #hair #messingabout #saturdayfun #salonlife Source: Instagram/danmrussell

Of course, cornrows have been a thing forever, but the explosion of men adopting plaits can be traced back to this year’s Golden Globes, when Jared Leto arrived with his normally free-flowing tresses tied back in a long braid.

the pornbré braid is even cuter (and sexier) from the side. I am OBSESSED with it. Can't help it. Source: Instagram/iblamejared

Now, months later, the men of the world are getting in on it. A quick Instagram search of the terms ‘man plait’ and ‘man braid’ reveals hundreds of plait attempts, with some men even combining them with their man buns:

So it's a bit short and we didn't use strong hold products, but we're working on the man braid and I like the progress so far. #manbraid @realblahblahblah Source: Instagram/rosemeister6

I can feel a trend coming on Source: Instagram/joshlander

And some of them getting very fancy indeed:

#manbraid for the win Source: Instagram/brodyjoh

We love a good #manbun, how do you feel about the #manbraid trend coming up? #regram @michael_yonce Braids for days✌ Source: Instagram/cosmoprofbeauty

So which is better? Man plaits or man buns? We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of each.


Hozier - iTunes Festival 2014 - London Source: David Jensen/PA Wire


  • Easy to do
  • A practical option for men with long hair


  • Ubiquity
  • The tiny ones look REALLY stupid
  • Public opinion has turned against them


apparently #manbraids are the hot new thing and I didn't even know it. Source: Instagram/nickybseen


  • You’ll be one of the few men wearing a plait, if you’re into that
  • Looks very impressive


  • Time intensive (you have to learn how to do a plait)
  • You will probably get a slagging/funny looks
  • Maybe a bit too trendy

The conclusion is not too clear. On one hand, man buns are EVERYWHERE, but are the streets of Ireland ready for man plaits yet? It’s hard to say.

So we ask you: Are you into the man plait?

Poll Results:

No (1027)
Yes (272)

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