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This new dad proposed to his girlfriend with the help of their newborn baby


Triston Lowery - Profile Pictures | Facebook Source: Facebook/Triston Lowery

TRISTON LOWERY AND Michael Miles of Mississippi recently had a little baby girl, named Lynleigh.

After the nurses washed and dressed the baby, they gave her back to an unsuspecting Lowery sporting a onesie that said, ‘Will You Marry My Daddy?’

lilbabies Source: Facebook/Debra Norris Sadowski

At that point, Miles produced a ring, and things got emotional.

The video of his adorable proposal is going massively viral on Facebook, with over 10,000 shares:

(Can’t see the video? Click here.)

Miles told BuzzFeed that he had wanted to propose for a long time, but waited so he could include their little daughter in the moment. N’yaww.

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