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Mariah Carey surprises superfans with hilarious results

They are a passionate bunch.

MARIAH CAREY’S FANS are a passionate bunch.

Long before Rihanna had her Navy or One Direction had Directioners, Mariah had her Lambs.

Jimmy Fallon decided to take advantage of this passion  by bringing some of her biggest fans to a recording studio to let them have a first listen to her new single The Art of Letting Go.

What they didn’t know, was that Mariah was in the next room, and that she was singing live.  What followed is actually really lovely, and at times, gas.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The best bit has got to be when Mariah ‘hugs’ everyone, but clearly doesn’t actually want to get close to anyone, clinging desperately to her microphone and leaning back for fear of breathing in any of the same air as the person she’s embracing.


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