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9 reasons Mariah Carey is an amazingly bonkers pop icon

Today is her birthday.

THIS WEEK MARKED Mariah Carey’s 43rd birthday, and we have to say she looks great for it.

There’s no doubt that she is an incredible singer and song writer, but aside from that, she has provided us with countless entertaining moments over the years.

She is an amazingly bonkers pop icon, and here are the reasons why.

She hates her left side

So much so, that she spends this entire interview looking in the opposite direction of the interviewer.


She always either needs a moment or is having a moment


She has an alter ego named Bianca who she fought with in her Heartbreaker video

She also regularly broke into Bianca, speaking in an English accent during interviews and the like.

YouTube/Matthew Weild

Her episode of  MTV Cribs was the most mental, and the most memorable

Skip to 5:40 for the notorious bath scene.


She’s not afraid to melodically chastise a backing singer mid-performance

The ‘moment’ happens about three minutes in.


She once stormed the set of a live MTV show, pushing an ice cream cart


Her deliciously drunken and meandering acceptance speech at the Palm Springs Film Festival


The fact that she wanted her babies to enter the world to her singing…

…and that it had to be the live version so they would immediately experience applause.

Also the fact that their names are Moroccan and Monroe.  Skip to 8:30 to hear about it.


She used to include puppies, kittens and doves on her rider

Evan Agostini/AP/Press Association Images

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