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The man behind the excellent Martin's Life is writing a full TV series

No word on if it will be anything like Game of Throws.

UPDATED 24/10/2016 at 9.40am

ONE OF THE most consistently hilarious things on the internet is Martin’s Life.

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The cartoons are an amusing yet loving depiction of a Cork family, centred on misunderstandings about everything from skinny jeans to Game of Thrones to Skype.

Part of the beauty of Martin’s Life is how you never know when a new one might pop up – there have been just seven episodes released over two years.

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The creator (who wishes to remain anonymous) previously told that it takes him “way too long” to write one:

It has to be rewritten 25 times and then revoiced 40 times until I get my girlfriend to laugh. She’s a good judge.

It’s so popular and so beloved that in January of this year, the creator was named Cork Person of the Month.

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In a recent blog post on the Martin’s Life website he discussed the difficulty of writing a comedy skit, but even so, he’s planning to do more.

He revealed that he’s currently writing a full TV series – not Martin’s Life exactly, but an “Irish Family Guy”.

The point is I decided that I hate writing so much that I’m going to do loads more of it. A full-blown cartoon comedy series. An Irish Family Guy. A cartoon Seinfeld. Whatever your favourite thing is, it’s going to be like that.
It could take about four hundred years to do and then end up being ‘Something A Bit Like Martin’s Life With The Arse Dragged Out Of It’ and everyone will say he should have just left it alone, but anyway.

Writing on the Martin’s Life Facebook page, the creator said that at the moment it’s just a plan, but he’s

I’m only going to start making something. Like starting from now. And I don’t know what it’ll be about or even what I’m doing. I haven’t a big contract with Netflix or anything. Well I do have a contract with them but it costs me a tenner a month and I’m thinking of cancelling it…

We await more news with baited breath.

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