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This Marvel actress wasn't happy that a magazine Photoshopped her so badly

You’d probably notice when it’s you in the picture.

HayleyAtwell2CaptainAmerica Source: Blastr

YOU MIGHT KNOW Hayley Atwell from her appearances in the Captain America films – where she plays Agent Peggy Carter.

She’s also appeared in a host of other well known projects on TV and on the big screen.

So, last month she appeared on the cover of a German music magazine and a fan tweeted the image to her, saying she looked great:

Atwell had clearly never seen the cover before and was more surprised at the photoshop job than anything else

Which led everyone to question the need of magazines to use photoshop in the first place

And some people just wished the trend would stop right now

And that it’s representative of a much wider issue

Well played on calling out such an obvious photoshop, everyone

tumblr_mcbz1nPSaQ1rch2o0o1_500 Source: Wp

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