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The Mass Facebook event exploded overnight and the posts are absolute gold

The epitome of Irish humour.

mass Source: Facebook/Mass

BEEN ON FACEBOOK this morning? Feel like the posts have more of a religious slant than they usually do? This is why.

Some messer set up a Facebook event page for Mass this Sunday, simply titled ‘Mass’. As of this morning over 100,000 people have clicked ‘attending’ – there were just over 5,000 ‘going’ at lunchtime yesterday – and well, it’s probably all you’re seeing on your timeline this morning.

The jokes are flowing thick and fast (no really, so thick and so fast), and in the thousands of posts on the page there are some gems to be found.

Father Ted is obviously getting a great airing

mass every weekend Source: Facebook/Mass

As is the Facebook name gag from earlier this year

dafada Source: Facebook/Mass

Eamon Dunphy was somehow brought into it

eamon Source: Facebook/Mass

And the religious memes are popping up by the dozen

whatdoyoumean Source: Facebook/Mass

comingout Source: Facebook/Mass

findingyourmate Source: Facebook/Mass

Even the Pope and good old Martin Luther had a look in

dapope Source: Facebook/Mass

martinluther Source: Facebook/Mass

You can always rely on Irish people for a gag. God bless us, every one.

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