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The lead singer of B*Witched sang C'est La Vie at her own wedding and it was glorious
Michael D chatting to a man with a budgie on his shoulder is one of the great Galway photos
Never change, Michael D.
Cork comedy The Young Offenders is being made into a six-part series for the BBC
Jock and Conor are BACK.
Cork comedy The Young Offenders is being made into a six-part series for the BBC
Jock and Conor are BACK.
People are loving the Star Wars socks Justin Trudeau wore to meet Enda Kenny yesterday
Ah just STOP.
A bride and groom had a lovely impromptu first dance on Shop Street in Galway
Lads <3
A Galway man's brilliant Irish version of 13 Reasons Why is blowing up on Facebook
Oh we all see it coming.
An Irishman in a Galway jersey popped up on Canadian TV and gave the best interview
A star is born.
A band from Offaly did a trad cover of Maniac 2000 and it's just so right
Who knew it needed a banjo? Who knew.
This gas video of kids dancing to the Vengaboys in Ballyfermot has gone global
The country's most adorable 'Bike Club' was looking for members in Dublin 12 yesterday
“We have picnics in my garden. I am the manager but we all have to be treated the same.”
Ed Sheeran surprised a bunch of fans at a Dublin cinema with tickets to his gig
FM104 organised a ‘live screening’ of the gig for fans who didn’t have tickets… except it wasn’t a live screening.
This little caravan sells delicious pancakes in the spectacular setting of the hills of Donegal
The Australian police had the best comeback to David O'Doherty's plea for help on Twitter
Everyone’s a comedian.
A Kilkenny hotel fulfilled a very strange request for one guest from Cork
This is a perfect example of “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.
Monkman was of course the star of the University Challenge final, even though he didn't win
This sign perfectly illustrates the importance of what Ireland's women's football team did last week
*praise hands*
This Meath shop's star cashier is a sassy dog called Bláthnaid
She’s paid in Pedigree Dentastix
That photo of a dog and an auld lad in Offaly having a pint has been immortalised in a painting
A young lad in a Kerry jersey was the real winner at yesterday's Masters
The most apt GAA spot at the Masters ever.
A hotel in Belfast had to put a sign up in the lift to warn against Irish dancers breaking it by practicing
“PS Best of luck at the Waterfront.”
These two guys are visiting every single Dublin pub snug and they've come across some gems
Doing god’s work.
There's a 'Dublin Pug Club' where hundreds of pugs meet and play together every month
Ah now.
There was a lovely red chair pregnancy announcement on Graham Norton last night
Our hearts.
11 iconic moments Irish television has already given us in 2017
What a year it’s been.
A complete collection of James Blunt's best comebacks on Twitter
Right up to the present day.
Chris Pratt's Instagram is proof that he is basically Andy Dwyer IRL
It’s true.
A little Dublin toddler Photoshopped into dangerous situations by her dad has taken over Reddit
This man's footage of a gloriously sunny Slieve League in Donegal has gone global on Facebook
Scenery drool.
Ireland's first ever gin cruise launches on Lough Derg later this month
Hold us.
Please look at this Cavan man beating the world record for the most sausages made in a minute
78 sossies in 60 seconds. ‘Tis no joke.
The great story of a Mayo man going above and beyond with a lovely Harry Potter proposal
These grandparents in Dublin had the best reaction to their daughter's April Fool
Pinch of salt.
The Sydney Opera House sold Tayto specially for the Dara O Briain gig last night
Get the crowd on side.
A British comedian got the best answer when he asked a Dublin crowd if they wanted Trump to visit Ireland
“Do you want Trump to visit Ireland?” “No.” “Do you want him to meet Michael D Higgins?” “Well….”
A Wexford man came up with the most 'dad' solution to whipping cream
Well that’s one way to whisk cream.
11 examples of Dubliners being exceptionally sound during the strikes this morning
We’re not a bad lot.
Everybody wants to join the Cabra Girls' squad on Gogglebox Ireland
They are GAS.
12 times Niall Horan was just SO Mullingar
You’ve got to love him for it.
Here's what Father Damo is up to, 21 years after he appeared on Father Ted
This music video starring Father Ted actor Joe Rooney tells us how he’s getting on. (Hint: Not great!)