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#win of the day

From Cork comedy The Young Offenders is being made into a six-part series for the BBC Yes Boi

Cork comedy The Young Offenders is being made into a six-part series for the BBC

Jock and Conor are BACK.

A band from Offaly did a trad cover of Maniac 2000 and it's just so right

Who knew it needed a banjo? Who knew.

The country's most adorable 'Bike Club' was looking for members in Dublin 12 yesterday

“We have picnics in my garden. I am the manager but we all have to be treated the same.”

Ed Sheeran surprised a bunch of fans at a Dublin cinema with tickets to his gig

FM104 organised a ‘live screening’ of the gig for fans who didn’t have tickets… except it wasn’t a live screening.

A Kilkenny hotel fulfilled a very strange request for one guest from Cork

This is a perfect example of “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.

This Meath shop's star cashier is a sassy dog called Bláthnaid

She’s paid in Pedigree Dentastix

A young lad in a Kerry jersey was the real winner at yesterday's Masters

The most apt GAA spot at the Masters ever.

11 iconic moments Irish television has already given us in 2017

What a year it’s been.

A complete collection of James Blunt's best comebacks on Twitter

Right up to the present day.

Please look at this Cavan man beating the world record for the most sausages made in a minute

78 sossies in 60 seconds. ‘Tis no joke.

A British comedian got the best answer when he asked a Dublin crowd if they wanted Trump to visit Ireland

“Do you want Trump to visit Ireland?” “No.” “Do you want him to meet Michael D Higgins?” “Well….”

A Wexford man came up with the most 'dad' solution to whipping cream

Well that’s one way to whisk cream.

12 times Niall Horan was just SO Mullingar

You’ve got to love him for it.

Here's what Father Damo is up to, 21 years after he appeared on Father Ted

This music video starring Father Ted actor Joe Rooney tells us how he’s getting on. (Hint: Not great!)

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