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The lead singer of B*Witched sang C'est La Vie at her own wedding and it was glorious
Bow Wow just got caught out pretending he had a private jet on Instagram
Michael D chatting to a man with a budgie on his shoulder is one of the great Galway photos
Cork comedy The Young Offenders is being made into a six-part series for the BBC
Cork comedy The Young Offenders is being made into a six-part series for the BBC
People are loving the Star Wars socks Justin Trudeau wore to meet Enda Kenny yesterday
These photos of Theresa May awkwardly eating chips have become a huge meme
A bride and groom had a lovely impromptu first dance on Shop Street in Galway
15 online shopping fails that are almost painful to look at
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A band from Offaly did a trad cover of Maniac 2000 and it's just so right
This gas video of kids dancing to the Vengaboys in Ballyfermot has gone global
Kim Kardashian is back shilling morning sickness drugs on Instagram, and no one is impressed
The country's most adorable 'Bike Club' was looking for members in Dublin 12 yesterday
Ed Sheeran surprised a bunch of fans at a Dublin cinema with tickets to his gig
This little caravan sells delicious pancakes in the spectacular setting of the hills of Donegal
The Australian police had the best comeback to David O'Doherty's plea for help on Twitter
This new MTV show has people giving 'revenge tattoos' to each other and it's horrific
This talk show host tried to give Nicole Richie a high five, but instead slapped her in the face
A Kilkenny hotel fulfilled a very strange request for one guest from Cork
A rapper Photoshopped abs on himself for a music video, and people are baffled
Monkman was of course the star of the University Challenge final, even though he didn't win
This sign perfectly illustrates the importance of what Ireland's women's football team did last week
This Meath shop's star cashier is a sassy dog called Bláthnaid
That photo of a dog and an auld lad in Offaly having a pint has been immortalised in a painting
A young lad in a Kerry jersey was the real winner at yesterday's Masters
A hotel in Belfast had to put a sign up in the lift to warn against Irish dancers breaking it by practicing
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