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13 reasons why you would fail miserably at Masterchef

You can’t tell your artichokes from your elbow.

THE MASTERCHEF: THE Amateurs final is on BBC tonight.

Whoever bashes together the best veal jus with kumquat foam and elderflower crisps will be crowned king or queen of the kitchen.

Here’s why you’d never be able for it:

You don’t know what chard/panko breadcrumbs/borage are


You can’t make a quenelle


Your sauce scattering skills are lacking




Ketchup_bottle_fail Source: BlogSpot

You suck at jenga

Garlic Bread Source: BlogSpot

You’d worry constantly about the food getting cold

We can’t be the only ones thinking the grub must be freezing by the time it gets into Gregg Wallace’s gob?


You’d worry constantly about the chefs getting too full

If you’re the sixth person to serve up your dish, are they not already stuffed to the gills?

I thought ya'll would enjoy this possum who broke into a bakery & ate so many danishes that he couldn't leave. - Imgur Source: Imgur

The very idea of eating foam is preposterous

fatduck_pigeon Source: BlogSpot

You feel the same about “air”

You overestimate your cookery skills


You’d be distracted by Gregg Wallace inhaling the spoon

tumblr_lv0nztTKcJ1qb7rwdo1_400 Source: Tumblr

“Blast freezer”. Isn’t that something from Superman?

Superman_Ice_Breath Source: Nocookie

And you’d constantly be humming ‘Buttery Biscuit Base’

Source: swedemason/YouTube

This is not uncommon in your kitchen

kitchen Source: MrXPosts.com

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