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Beauty bloggers, watch out: This Mayo farmer is coming for your gig

“I normally go for a Blackleg Vaccine, and you can get them in Boots or Cara pharmacy…”

EVEN IF YOU enjoy watching YouTube reviews and Snapchat tutorials, you have to agree that they can get a little formulaic.

farmersnaps Facebook / Ray McAndrew Facebook / Ray McAndrew / Ray McAndrew

Mayo farmer Ray McAndrew has just about had it with all that influencer carry on, so he’s decided to make a go of it himself. He wrote on Facebook:

I don’t know does anyone else suffer from having to listen to ladies’ makeup Snapchat blogs. But I suppose you could have some fun with them.

And he does, doing a blogger-inspired Snapchat story about… cattle vaccinations.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

The accent, the lingo, the designer shout outs… He may not be a fan of the “ladies’ makeup Snapchat blogs”, but he’s certainly got them off to a tee, doesn’t he?

I’m wearing these really nice Dunlop wellingtons that I got in the co-op, but you can also get really cheap pairs in Penneys, or anywhere.

Now bloggers and influencers, he’s got you pegged. And we’ve learned so much about cattle vaccinations. Great job all round.


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