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6 problems solved by McDonald's self service machines

Push button, get Big Mac.

IRELAND NOW HAS it’s very first McDonald’s self service machines.

The new restaurant in Kilkenny also has Samsung Galaxy tablets and lots of other fancy bells and whistles.

It’s the machines we’re really interested in though. Here’s why…

1. Minimal human interaction

We’re willing to bet that 50 per cent of the people in McDonald’s at any one time are suffering the after effects of too many ales.

At times of need like this the less human interaction the better.

You can breathe as many fumes as you like onto the self service machine. It won’t care.


2. No order shame

You want 79 chicken nuggets, but you’re afraid you’ll be judged.


mach @caitlinkennedy8 @caitlinkennedy8

3. No judgement on odd requests

Yes, I would like a Big Mac with no sauce at all please, just lettuce. No, no cheese either, just meat lettuce and bread. No ketchup anywhere near it.

Again, the machine doesn’t care about your odd fussy food problems. The machine loves you.

touchscreen self-service kiosk at the swankiest mcdonald's i have even seen. #glamour #fountainsoda jessieflux jessieflux

4. Less fear about the odd requests

Okay, so you’ve specified three times that you want NO MAYO on anything, but were they listening?

What if you get your McChicken Sandwich to take away and you open it up and there it is, oozing with mayo?

You tell the machine, and the machine will tell them.


5. Less queuing

The last place you want to be for any length of time is in a McDonald’s queue.


6. Eases the pain of using self service machines elsewhere

Less of this:

a3374c22cbb49358c4bb9092e8eba4b4e7a2a161ebe30160eadb2ea72bc56c1a Quickmeme Quickmeme

And more of this:

eating-gif Wordpress Wordpress

New high-tech McDonald’s in Kilkenny has tablets and self order kiosks>

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