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# Hammer time
Stop.... Gangnam time! MC Hammer and Psy duet
Is this the most perfect union ever?

IS THIS THE most inspired collaboration since cabbage and bacon?

Last night at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles the Korean marvel Psy was joined on stage by MC Hammer, who helped him out with some of the moves that go along with his bafflingly successful hit Gangnam Style.

Psy showing up on stage in a pair of MC Hammer pantaloons should have been the first hint that something special was on the way.

According to CNN Justin Bieber’s manager had a hand in brining Psy and Hammer together for this most perfect of unions.

After last night’s performance, MC Hammer said there were only four people in the world who have managed to make the whole world dance: himself, Psy, Michael Jackson and James Brown. Generous of him.


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