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MCD successfully trolled the entire country with this tweet

If all the Purple Rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops…

ABC's Good Morning America summer concert series - New York Source: AP/Press Association Images

EARLIER THIS MORNING, MCD tweeted the exciting news that His Royal Purpleness is coming to town next summer.


Naturally everyone got very excited at the prospect of Prince making his way to these shores again. The singer settled a legal battle with the production company over a cancelled concert in 2008.

Sadly however, the tricksters were referring to this Purple One:

Television - Barney & Friends Photocall - London Source: EMPICS Entertainment

Yes, Barney the Dinosaur, who will be playing the Olympia in Dublin next summer.

The deception hit Prince fans hard.

mcd response 1

mcd response 2

mcd response 3

Someone needs to tell those cats to chill.

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