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11 retro McDonalds toys that will make 90s kids weak with nostalgia

They just ain’t the same anymore.

THE BEST PART of getting a McDonalds was always the Happy Meal toy. Toys like…

1. Teenie Beanie Babies

Like beanie babies, but teenier.

$_57 Source: Ebay

Please don’t get the crab again, please don’t get the crab again.


$_57 Source: Ebay

2. McNugget Buddies

You could dress em up whatever way you wanted.

$_57 Source: Ebay

3. Barbie

Boy toy or girl toy?

$_57 Source: Ebay

4. Hotwheels

Always a joy.

awesome-fast-food-toys-from-the-90s-1593687557-jul-22-2012-600x400 Source: Chacha

5. Aladdin toys

Released in 96, you always got that stupid bird.

316b4bd2bed284c9053e3d106f85a1b5 Source: Pinterest

6. Changeables

Think I’m a box of chicken nuggets? THINK AGAIN.

CElZO-_WEAA2hdD Source: WeirdHistoryPix

$_57 Source: Ebay

7. These squirt guns

Wreck the gaff.

0ea0acd83b9c6373a1e1ff55a0b36e03 Source: Pinterest

8. The McDino changeables

From 1991, as disturbing as they are fun.

Dinos Source: lakecountyhistory

9. Racer cars

All the crew, in their little cars. What’s not to love?

$_57 Source: Ebay

10. Ahhh 101 Dalmations

$_57 Source: Ebay

11. Batmobiles

The joker will never not be terrifying. You’re over it now, almost.

tumblr_lcbfd4HKBn1qze8b3o1_500 Source: Tumblr

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