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Tweet Sweeper: What boybander drinks breast milk?

Yep. All natural, guys. The answer comes along with some more of this week’s gas tweets from famous people.

REMEMBER MCFLY? TOGETHER with Busted, they took over the boyband scene of the Noughties.

Well, now they’re having kids. But, apparently, that’s not stopping them from refusing to grow up. Tom Fletcher, viral video king extraordinaire, sampled his wife’s breast milk this week – truly encapsulating the phrase “TMI”.

And in between the shots of milk, he managed to meet our Niall

Hmm. No comment

More incomprehensible, but utterly brilliant, stuff from Cher

Ah, here

Never been more jealous of ANYONE than we are of Anna Kendrick

jeao Yep. That's Manilow

Is this a meta-troll?

U OK hun?

Someone get PETA on the blower, STAT

Seriously? Sleeping in is THE BEST. Further evidence Miley is cray

Is this a contender for grossest hashtag EVER?

A single plum floating in perfume served in a man’s hat

Well, we’re not ALL dating Roz Purcell like

Who asked?

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