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Giant spice 'megaboxes' are now taking over Ireland

Retailing for €30+

Hunreal #munchiebox Source: emmacunningham1997

WHEN THE SPICE bags came, we told you.

When the munchy boxes migrated from Scotland and reared their heads in pockets around the country, we were on the front lines.

Now, it seems that Ireland is under the spell of…. the mega box.

Ranging in price and scope from around €20 to over €30, these monoliths of beige are growing exponentially.

Ireland has taken the spice bag and the munchy box, married them together, and made it possible and acceptable to gather so many tasty morsels the local Chinese has to offer into one delicious place.

They come in a variety of incarnations, from what is essentially a giant traditional spice bag:

Over estimated the size of this yoke

To what we have just witnessed above, featuring the likes of sausages, prawn toast, spring rolls and wantons and deviating from the traditional spice bag ingredients:


The spice box is dead, LONG LIVE THE MEGA BOX!!! #spicebox #megabox #takeaway #chinese #curry #food #clarevillage #dublin #ireland #askmeslice #chicken #chips #curdy #future Source: joestodge

Where will it end? Black sacks of whatever your heart desires? Wheelie bins of chips and nugs?


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