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26 things everyone who grew up in Naas knows to be true

Dara 1 or Dara 2?

1. It was a Nice Place to Shop

That  placard beckoning people in off the N7 was always a sign that you were almost home.

However, there appears to be no photographic proof that the sign every existed. A tragedy.

shopnice Artist's impression

2. Hanging around The Gem was the only place to be spotted

The jewel in the crown of Poplar Square.


3. Capri chips are the best chips in Ireland

Ah The Kip. Snackbox heaven.


4. You’d often meet people down The Dip

That sacred meeting ground between Kingsfurze and Woodlands.


5. Or maybe down The ‘Nal

Few naggins, be grand.

Canal Source: felibrilu

6. Patsy Bud Kelly was a local legend 

RIP PK old friend :(

patsy Source: Facebook

7. The Townhouse was your only man for functions

Musical society party? Townhouse. Someone’s 18th? Townhouse.

town Source: google maps

8. Everyone knows someone who worked in McDonald’s

Few free chips by any chance?

do you want fries with that? (07-23-08) Source: sun dazed

9. There  was always a rumour that someone had gotten trapped inside the Big Ball

Or “Perpetual Motion”, to give it its real name.

Instagram photo by Naas Ball * Oct 17, 2015 at 7:48pm UTC Source: naasball

10. St Mary’s skirts were quare short

They’ve replaced them with ground sweeping kilts at this stage, but back in the day those A-line minis raised a few eyebrows.

mh Source: back2school.ie

11. And don’t get us started on the St Mary’s P.E. skirts


Or belts?

skirt Source: schoolsin.com.au

12. Everyone remembers the day Penneys started stocking the wine tights

No more pilgrimages to Prouts for £7 tights.

prout Source: Google Maps

13. No bargain was too much of a bargain for Donal’s

Six plates, one mophead and 17 twirls? £3.50 please.

donals Source: Google Maps

14. You went to St Mary’s, or the CBS or the Tech

cbs Source: RateMyArea.com

15.Everyone knew someone who went to Kilcullen.

Or Newbridge College, the posh shites.

Newbridge College & Dominican Priory Source: infomatique

15. The Paddocks and The Sycamores were posh as anything

paddockl Source: Google Maps

16. Getting days off school when Punchestown was on

_MG_8396 Source: gordonflood.com

17. The Court lit up like a Christmas tree for Punchestown week

People swinging out of the rafters.

Great night tonight, as always at the #NaasCourtHotel #Singer #Songwriter #PatriciaRoe Source: _patricia_roe

18. Going out to Punchestown for underage discos

Or the Rugby Club, if you were feeling swanky.


19. Lamps, then Ambo

five lamps Source: RateMyArea.com

20. Outgrowing The Ambo at 17 and heading to The Soundhouse

The Ambo was over 18s and The Soundhouse was over 21s. Rarely was either enforced.


21. Clancy’s taxis bringing you home from every event, ever

cal Source: ratemyarea.com

22. The Playhouse in Superquinn had an epic selection of toys

Not to mention the jam doughnuts.

super Source: wordpress

23. The Caspo Centre acting as a kind of a wind tunnel

Fairly grim, as shopping centres go.

caspo Source: Google Maps

23. Dara 1 or Dara 2?

Dara 2 was the same size as your sitting room, to be fair.

naas Source: ipernity.com

24. Buying a pair of purple flares and some incense on Basin Street


25. Getting attacked by swans at Lakelands

Luckily it was hospital adjacent.


26. Post-school treats at Scrumptious

Bringing ham rolls (with crisps on the side long before anyone was doing crisps on the side) and ice cream sundaes (with dolly mixture) to Naas in the early and mid nineties. Glam.

Ice Cream Sundae on Sunday Source: rbitting

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