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11 kids who may need a hand cleaning up

Grab a dust pan and brush. Things are about to get messy.

IF A MESSY house means a happy home, then these guys are ecstatic.

Here are some children who really shouldn’t have been left unattended.

Oh God, not the TV

Image: Men Daily

Someone get out the baby wipes

Image: Cheezburger

Santy WILL hear about this

Image: Neatorama

You’re as bad as each other!

“Did it to himself” did he? A likely story

Image: Humor Sharing

Toilet training in process

Image: Humor Sharing

There goes the bean bag

Image: Xaxor

It seems there are some thing Sudocrem CAN’T fix

Image: The Meta Picture

This raises more questions than it answers

Image: LambAround

No, I mean, I REALLY like peanut butter

Image: Kids Venture/Facebook

For the last time, food goes in your mouth

Image: Babble

Time to get out the mop and bucket. This isn’t gonna clean up itself.

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