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Here's how Michael Bublé really feels about Ireland

Michael loves Ireland forever and forever it seems.

YOU MAY BE aware that Michael Bublé is in the middle of a five night run at The O2 Dublin and is probably having all of the craic.

We mentioned yesterday that he’s not going to have any trouble fitting in here and an interview he’s done only proves our point.

Ray D’arcy sat down for a chat with Bublé today and he’s definitely got some affection for us here in Ireland and some notable Irish people.

The main thing Michael seems to love is the O2 itself which shows that are venues are amazing and we as a country are therefore amazing too:

The way it’s built, it’s built like a theatre. So people are kind of high up and you’re so close that it takes me back to playing theatres. There’s close to 10,000 people here tonight but it feels like I’m playing to 3,000. The O2 is a different vibe.

And despite joking that he’d played the Aviva Stadium on a previous visit here and that it was “not intimate” he did point out that it “was probably one of the top 5 career moments for me”.

Not only do we have venues to make an international superstar feel special we also have the kind of sense of humour that means you’re somewhere “you’re allowed to be yourself and you don’t have to censor yourself”.

Bublé reckons that Canadian and Irish people are “very similar” and it’s because both people come from countries nestled beside larger neighbours:

I believe the bulk of us are a nation of observers. I believe we’ve a very clear sense of who we are culturally but because we’re the mouse next to this elephant we watch and we learn. So we can adapt when we need to. We know what it is that makes them tick and we find the best of both worlds.

As if this wasn’t enough Ireland love for one day he also mentioned that he hangs out with Graham Norton all the time and calls his other Irish pal Niall Horan “a nice kid”.

And because he frequently forgets people’s names Bublé says an Irish visit is always great because “if I say Pat then 50% of the time I’m right”.

Michael Bublé you couldn’t be more Irish if you were tucking into a big cup of tea while moaning about the weather and wearing an Irish football jersey.

We salute you.

You can watch the full interview below:

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