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Michael Fassbender says he got his first taste of acting as a Kerry altar boy


jimmyfallon Source: YouTube

YOU MAY NOT have known this, but one of finest exports, Michael Fassbender, got his start in acting like any other Irish kid: as an altar server.

Yes, Fassbender was an altar boy during his childhood in Co Kerry – he revealed on Jimmy Fallon last night that like many an altar server, he loved ringing the bells best of all.

michaelfass Source: YouTube

You always have to be quiet in church, so to ring the bell and cause a ruckus was good.

He also credits serving as his introduction to the stage:

It was actually my first experience of acting, really. It felt like I was up on a stage. It was quite boring to be sitting in the congregation, but to be up, part of it…

If only it worked out so well for the rest of us.

Fassbender discussed making an absolute bomb from serving at weddings (didn’t we all?) and being entrusted with the keys of the church – watch it here:

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

We <3 u, Fassbender. We do.

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