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Michael Healy Rae owns a pair of Beats by Dre* headphones

Representin’ for the gangstas all across the world…

*JH Kelly has pointed out that Healy-Rae is actually wearing these. However, ‘Michael Healy Noontec Zoro’ just isn’t as catchy as ‘Michael Healy Dre’.


Michael Healy Rae ‘landed out with the Beats around the neck’ at yesterday’s special needs education cuts protest outside Leinster House, according to Annie Lardner.

He’s a busy man, but he needs his tunes man. Loves his tunes.

What’s next? Caps by Dre?

Photo courtesy of Annie Lardner

The man himself has been in touch to let us know that the headphones help to keep his gruaig in place:

But what the blazes was he listening to? Your suggestions in the comment section please.

And never forget, ain’t nuthin but a ‘Rae’ thang baaaaby…

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