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15 times the universe conspired to produce something mildly interesting

A beautiful glitch in the matrix.

1. When the top of these trees didn’t touch

treeform Source: Imgur

2. When this bug on the windshield made it look like it was about to terrorise the town

Tried to take a photo of a grasshopper on my windshield, but it looks like its giant and destroying the town Source: Imgur

3. The time the sun hit just the bowl of this jacks, giving it a god-like presence

toilet222 Source: Imgur

4. When a perfectly-sized cloud formed over each of these islands

XpA0g66 Source: Imgur

5. When a combination of ice and leaves created this deer

deerinthe Source: Imgur

6. When the frost had the perfect outline of a house the next morning

wVwOhLX Source: Imgur

7. The rock formation that totally looks like a ship

A rock that looks like a ship Source: Imgur

8. When this leaf was perfectly split into three colours

xFUseTK Source: Imgur

And not too far off being a decent little Irish flag.

9. When the paint on the palette created a tiny little forest

The residue of black paint mixed with my white paint and made a little forest. Source: Imgur

10. When the toothpaste took the form of an actual tooth

My toothpaste came out lookin like a tooth Source: Imgur

11. When this ivy developed into the shape of a tree

The ivy growth on the side of this building looks like a tree. Source: Imgur

12. When a full potato was found in a bag of crisps

Bz9qxoE Source: Imgur

Thanks, universe.

13. When this person was prompted to verify himself, and got the same two words… which were both “same”

vrYYw Source: Imgur

14. The time this car grew a snow moustache over night

II80DCg Source: Imgur

15. And finally… the time this Kit Kat had solid chocolate all the way through

I got a kit-kat that was solid chocolate Source: Imgur


*plays X-Files music*

With thanks to the wonderful r/mildlyinteresting subreddit

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