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The Dredge: Miley Cyrus dropping the lámh in bed with Harry Styles

The best of the day’s celebrity duuuurt.

Lobbing the gob, dropping the lámh
Lobbing the gob, dropping the lámh

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, the Daily Edge rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt – from the top to the very bottom.

#ACHY BREAKY HEART Miley Cyrus has been caught in bed with Harry Styles, just days after he broke up with Taylor Swift.

Ah but look, it’s a cardboard cutout of Harry Styles.

Miley, you kidder!

The singer was messing around with her little sister and posted the picture to Twitter, but followed it up with this tweet:

Tomorrow’s Dredge headline will almost certainly be “Miley Cyrus doesn’t want Harry Styles”

#INSTA-FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Jessie J has denied that she was having a go at Rihanna when she tweeted:

I’m bored… Maybe  I should get naked and smoke and take pictures and post them on Instagram? Or NOT… *rolls eyes*

We don’t know why ANYONE would think she was having a go at Rihanna…


In fact, Jessie J has now said that she was actually raising the point that “the internet has no boundaries anymore on Instagram and Twitter”.

Sure Jessie. Sure.

#AH HERE Brian (neé Bryan) McFadden has been hanging around with the Ah Here Leave Ir Ouh woman:

Brian McFadden/Twitter

McFadden is also gearing up to go on tour with Ronan Keating, saying he’s “buzzing” and that he’s packed his guitar and his golf clubs.

Brian’s new album ‘The Irish Connection’ is due out on 11 March. Is this the album cover?

And the rest of the day’s dirt…

  • Kimye are in Paris for a spot of pre-natal shopping (TMZ)
  • Wes Quirke appears to have toned down the hashtags. Thank gawd (Twitter)
  • Rita Ora has moved on from Rob “sock line” Kardashian to Diana Ross‘s son (Mirror)
  • Harry Potter star Emma Watson (22) was mistaken for a child at an airport. Morto (People)
  • Courtney Cox has said she’s afraid of turning 50, but isn’t afraid of turning to needles and potions to combat ageing (US Weekly)

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