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'I'm not afraid of the giant Minion' - we spoke to the man tasked with fixing the beast

Gerry Frawley, Minion doctor.

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IT’S THE STUFF of nightmares.

This giant seemingly unstoppable Minion hurtling towards you. A metaphor for the yellow creatures’ almost certain world domination.

minion Source: Dónal Sharpson

That was the scene in Santry on Sunday, as the giant inflatable broke loose from its mooring and rolled across the Old Swords Road.

Fast forward to today though, and the terror has been contained… for now.

The Minion is in a heap, literally.

Banaccident and Emergency

He’s at Bounce Ireland HQ, under the watchful eye of Gerry Frawley who spoke to DailyEdge.ie today, while simultaneously carrying out a visual appraisal of the great beast’s condition.

He’s sitting on my floor as we speak, deflated. He’s gasping. He has been waiting now for almost 18 hours and not even on a trolley.

miniondeflated A shadow of his former self Source: Gerry Frawley

Frawley was speaking to us from Bounce Ireland’s giant warehouse. Bounce doesn’t own the Minion – that honour goes to the Bird family of Funderland fame – but they’ve been drafted in to repair him after Sunday’s drama.

He plans to get the repairs underway this afternoon, but was reticent to give a full prognosis.

I’m not going to give an opinion without a full examination. The first thing we have to do with patients like this is to blow him up and determine his injuries and looks for rips and cuts.

Inquiring gently about the Minion’s mental state Frawley conceded that he was “a bit shook. He needs gentle counselling” after his bid for freedom.

Gerry’s a veteran at this, repairing inflatables of all sorts, an expert in the field of bouncy castles and the like. He’s genuinely concerned about regulation of inflatable in public spaces, and says it’s something he’s been raising with the government for some time now.


Are you afraid of him, Gerry?

we ask.

And we have our reasons.

minion2 Source: Donál Sharpson

No, not in the least bit. Well, not at the moment at least.

But the hesitation in his voice is soon replaced by confidence as he explains how the Minion’s tethering points are going to be made secure, how they’ll ensure that he’s well anchored when he reaches his next temporary home in Tralee.  

Godspeed Gerry. Godspeed.


The latest from Gerry: 

After undergoing some minor surgery and some stitches in excess of 500, Mr Minion is in full recovery and he is over the moon with all the get well wishes he has received from fans and friends.




He’s back on the streets! You have been warned!

Ropes to the runaway giant Minion ‘appeared to have been cut’>

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