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"I've worked hard" - Miriam O'Callaghan doesn't care that you know how much she earns

“Do I mind that it’s published? I don’t really to be honest.”

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MIRIAM O’CALLAGHAN earns around €280,000 a year.

And she doesn’t care that you know that.

In a new interview due out on the Irishman Abroad podcast this Sunday, O’Callaghan tells host Jarlath Regan that the publishing of the salaries of the top earners at RTÉ doesn’t bother her.

People know what I get paid and I find people by and large extremely nice because they always say “you work very hard… they pay you well but you work hard”.
That’s just the market I work in. Do I mind that it’s published? I don’t really to be honest.

O’Callaghan studied law at university, qualifying as a solicitor, but moved into working in television when she lived in London. She says if she was really after the big bucks, she would have stayed working in law but that the job she does now, working in TV and radio in Ireland comes with a big pay check, and that’s that.

She says she’s worked hard for where she is now, that she’s always erred on the side of being decent to people…

… and it’s worked for me.

“It’s a great life”

Asked by Regan if the big salaries O’Callaghan and some of her colleagues receive are part payment for putting up with “shit” from members of the public, she dismissed the notion, saying:

I think sometimes it’s slightly annoying to listen to people in the public eye going on about how it’s difficult. It’s not, it’s a great life. I’ve a great job and most people who are  - certainly in television or radio – in the public eye, I think we’re very lucky.

And she’s not about to apologise for earning the big bucks either, pointing out that most of the top earners are men.

So am I just going to say – and actually really do a bad thing for feminism – “well I think I should be paid lots less than the guys”? Well I’m not going to say that.

Elsewhere in the hour-long chat, Miriam talks social media (and says she’d never block anyone for calling her a c**t), as well as where she believes happiness really comes from.

Miriam O’Callaghan talks to Jarlath Regan on An Irishman Abroad, available this Sunday. 

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