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People are hacked off about this bizarre ad for a waist-slimming belt


ONE OF THE NEWEST and most extreme fitness crazes is ‘waist training’, or the practice of using a tight corset to shape your waist.

No, you haven’t slipped back in time to the 1800s. This is the face of beauty in 2015:

Benefits of a Waist Training: High compression helps to firm and tone your stomach, love handles and lower belly fat. Aids post pregnancy body restoration Miro-massage increases blood circulation and stimulates perspiration (sweat) on your abdominal area. Wear to the gym, walking the dog, at work. Promotes a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind each day. Aids back pain as offers back support Cinches your waist helping you achieve hourglass curves. Can be worn everyday. Wear under clothes for instant results Is adjustable so as you slim you tighten. #waisttraining #newyork #california #palmdale #losangeles #ca Source: Instagram/minimizethatsize

The practice has been condemned pretty much across the board, but that hasn’t stopped waist trainers popping up all over the place.

One such product is the Miss Belt, whose American TV ad has left people extremely bemused.

missbeltad Source: YouTube

Here it is – we can assure you it is not a parody:

Source: AmeriMark Direct/YouTube

OK, we know there’s a lot to work through here.

First off, there’s the creepy, creepy voice-over. Then, there are the baffling before and after shots:

missbelt Source: YouTube

missbelt2 Source: YouTube


There’s this woman getting a round of applause for looking thinner:


And then, there’s this.

hidebabybody Source: YouTube

Hide your Baby Body Instantly

Oh dear.

Unsurprisingly, people are questioning both the content of the ad and whether a contraption like this can really be good for your body:

We can’t help but be reminded of this Mitchell and Webb sketch, which remains extremely relevant, six years on…

Source: Kurt Grutzmacher/YouTube

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