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16 signs that really shouldn't be spelled wrong
Spelling: it’s impotent.

1. This school for go-getters

2. This disappointing product


3. This troubling ingredient

4. The worst party venue of all time

5. This highly exclusive toilet

6. This cruel insult to the chef

7. This sign that would make you cautious about either door

8. This never-not-funny mistake

9. This intriguing business model

10. This no-nonsense declaration

11. This breakfast in a packet

12. This sign that is probably true, but not in the good way

13. This wholehearted commitment to freshness

14. This institution of excellence

15. This spine-chilling warning

16. And this man

PS: Yes, you’re right. The headline of this article should, technically, read ‘spelled wrongly’. But it sounds stupid that way.

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