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10 things you'll know if you went to a mixed secondary school


1. Sex ed, if it existed, was torture

sex_ed_mean_girls Source: Uclu

Even the purely biological stuff. Please separate us! END THIS SUFFERING.

2. Bodily functions were kept a little more private

dd8da8e Source: Reaction

We’re not saying period chat and farting contests were non-existent… just a bit less obvious.

3. Non-uniform days came with a lot of pressure

BpYV1DAIYAAMNUA Source: Twitter/@poshtoast

“Do you think Sam will fancy me more in my Susst flares, or my rip offs?”

4. You could sit beside your significant other in class…

3bea57fff12a6118b0bf5934de17222a Source: Pinterest

Mixed sex schools were good to teenage romances.

5. But then everybody would know when you’d broken up

“Ooooh, Liam and Áine sitting at opposite sides of the room? SCANDAL.”

6. And there was a new drama every day

ess6W8Q Source: Imgur

Which was stressful but – why lie? – entertaining.

7. Which, yes, could distract you from your studies

tumblr_inline_o1mrmhTVNP1te9s4t_500 Source: Tumblr

But no more than any drama in a single-sex school could be distracting. So there.

8. But the mix of genders could make it easier to just be yourself

anigif_enhanced-15268-1407521992-9 Source: Buzzfeed

No need to fit in with ALL the girls or ALL the boys.

9. You learned things about the opposite gender you’d just never know in a same-sex school

Evening Primrose Oil của hãng Nature's Bounty - Hộp 60v/ 390k Tác dụng: -Cân bằng các hormone sinh sản của phụ nữ Source: Instagram/tbeauty_store

“Evening primrose oil is a remedy for period cramps? Girls are INTRIGUING.”

10. And by the end of it, you were able to actually talk to them like normal people

tumblr_o1j6dsJVs01qj4315o1_500 Source: Tumblr

Imagine that!

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