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8 culinary delights you'd never even heard of growing up

Kids today, with their tapas and their goat’s cheese – they don’t know they’re born.

KIDS THESE DAYS live in an Ireland with a very different culinary landscape than when we all grew up.

All you have to do is compare their lunchboxes to our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunchboxes of the past. The contents are pretty different, no?

Here are things that you eat today that your childhood self would have boggled at.

1. Aioli

Back in the day, this was called garlic mayo. Somewhere along the way, we all grew up and lost our way. It’s like the Peter Pan story, except with condiments.

Source: EverythingFunny

2. Fancy ways potatoes

As children, we had mashed, boiled or roast potatoes. That was the end of the line at dinnertime as far as our Mammies were concerned. Now we’re dealing with gratin, dauphinoise, parmentier, rosti…

Source: FunnyasDuck

3. Cocktails

At The Adult Tables of weddings past, beer and wine was served, alongside the odd cheeky spirit. These days, sandwich boards up and down the land herald the arrival of ever-more complicated and confusing cocktails. Infused gin muddled with hibiscus? What?

Source: Spectangle

4. Avocado

In our old school books, we were given a list of fruit and vegetables to learn about. We learnt colours through them, we learnt their names in Irish. Imagine our surprise to learn, in our twenties, that there was a whole other world out there.

Source: Imgur

5. Balsamic vinegar

It was malt vinegar on the kitchen table back in the day. Plain and simple. Just think about it – your children are going to grow up probably more comfortable with the balsamic than with the chipper shaker.

I see your egg-face and raise you my vinegar & oil face! - Imgur Source: Imgur

6. Smoothies

Is a juicer the new kettle? Certainly seems so, especially in wishful-thinking January.

juice This tool looks like something from the Middle Ages to today's children Source: CustomMade.com

7. Gluten-free

Coeliacs aside, gluten-free food was not heard of back in the Ireland of our childhoods. Again, this is probably a good thing – but it still has to be said that as children we hadn’t a breeze was gluten even was, let alone the cop-on to be avoiding it.

Source: Cheezburger

8. Rice cakes

Tis far from rice cakes we were reared.

Source: DrHeckle

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