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7 things you'll only find in Canada

Let’s find out all aboot it, eh?

CANADA HAS A lot going for it.

It’s often just known as America’s nice, polite neighbour.

But don’t let it fool you. There’s much, much more to it than just that.

C’mon – at 9.98 million square kilometres, the second biggest country in the world, of course there’s a lot more. Here are just a few things that you’ll only find in the wilds of Canada.

1. Mounties

Or, to give them their correct title, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They act as both a federal and national police force of Canada, and they wear some undeniably dapper uniforms.

Mounties Source: Rodolphe Breard

2. Maple syrup pride

Canada produces about 80% of the world’s delicious maple syrup, and the maple leaf is synonymous with the country. So if you enjoy some of that delicious stuff on your pancakes and bacon, you can thank the Canadians.

maple syrup Source: stevecoutts

3. THAT accent

Of course, in a country so large, there are multiple accents – like the Irish-infused Newfoundland accent to the francophile Quebec counterpart. But of course, there’s the stereotypical one we all love to imitate. What’s that all aboot, eh?

Source: AwesomeAlanna/YouTube

4. Incredible niceness

Canadians are known for being unbelievably sweet and polite to everyone they meet. They’re even mocked for this trait by Americans. But do they mind? No, of course not. They’re far too nice to mind.

canadianvandalism Source: mediabolik.com

5. Bags of milk

Yes, take that in for a moment. In Canada, milk comes in bags. BAGS. Apparently they snip the top and place them into plastic jugs at home, but please. Nothing makes this alright. A rare aberration for the usually level-headed Canucks.

milk bags. This is four litres of milk. In a bag. A BAG. Source: ancient history

6. Half of the world’s polar bears

Canada boasts 50% of the world’s polar bears. So don’t mess with Canada.

Wild Polar Bears in Churchill Churchill, along the Hudson Bay, is a gathering point for many polar bears, including this lad Source: virtualwayfarer

7. Hockey skills

As much as Canadians are revered for their polite demeanour, they also know how to let out some serious aggression. Ice hockey is both fully brutal and also the preserve of Canadian sports. It almost makes hurling look like a walk in the park.

Here’s a clip of their national team facing off against other ice hockey greats, Russia. Watch through your fingers.

Source: EGalkin/YouTube

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