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# monday monday

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# monday monday
9 days that SHOULD be a Bank Holiday in Ireland
Sign the petition today.
# monday monday
12 people having a way worse Monday than you
Way, way worse.
7 things that should just be allowed to happen on Mondays
Mercy, please.
# monday monday
Be happy! It isn't Blue Monday after all
Because Blue Monday is a MADE UP THING.
# monday monday
This terrific tired meerkat is you on a Monday morning
That desk is just asking for someone to fall asleep on it.
# monday monday
We just want to cheer you up this morning...
… so here are a few LOLs.
# monday monday
The 10 worst things that can happen to you on a Monday
The rage. The absolute rage.
# the craic
We bet you can't watch this video without smiling or laughing
Just try it. Go on.
# Work Can Wait
Is it your first Monday back? We're here to help
Here are 9 things to help cheer you up this morning…