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We just want to cheer you up this morning...

… so here are a few LOLs.

IT’S HERE, THE day we’ve all been dreading for weeks.

Even if you’ve already been back to work, today you’re really back to work. No more Pringles for breakfast, no more watching Modern Family marathons at 11am on a Tuesday, no more scrabbling around in the Roses tin looking for a stray caramel keg.

And so, dear readers, to help ease the pain, here are a few small but effective LOLs to get you through the morning…

Cat fail

Source: sugar8469

Just a dog going for a walk

Just a dog going for a walk on the beach... - Imgur Source: Imgur

People fails

Source: Saturday fail

Cat in a fort

Built my cat a fort. He was thrilled. - Imgur Source: Imgur

There. Hope that’s helped a bit.

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